September 5th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

where everything glitters

sigh. i am really ready for it to be the weekend already. today was going well, but i'm on switchboard at the moment, and it's driving me insane. no wonder i never answer the phone anymore when i'm at home. it's just one of those days when the little things are starting to get to me, you know? perhaps it's just friday-itis.

i started writing a letter to turnedoffneon in my lunch break, and now i'm eager to get back into it, back into letter writing, back into decorating like last weekend. there are beautiful pictures to inspire me, and i'm determined to get my polaroid camera i brought a few weeks ago up & running so i can send photos in the mail, and decorate the barrier behind me at work with random snapshots. oh! and my sister & i purchased a new computer last night. i don't know a lot about computers, but it has a 17" flat screen monitor, dvd & cd burner/player, 80gig hard-drive, etc etc. and i'm excited, because our current one is slow & old & way behind the times, and it's nice to make a big purchase of something like this, because you actually have something to show for the money you've earnt. so after this weekend, i'll have no excuse not to make more cds, finally start designing my webpage, and use my digital camera (which includes all the photos that i took... last summer. as in, january). hurrah.

i really, really need some creativity this weekend. perhaps i'll cover myself in glitter again, and that'll inspire me to write & write & write until my hands are numb, and draw & design & colour & stick, and send out things to make people smile. do the things that take me away into a whole other world where only beauty exists, where for moments upon moments i can simply forget that the real world exists.