September 13th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


i really fucking love all of you.

(i can't begin to explain what i feel for you all.
you are all my everything, and i would never be
able to thank you enough for your help, encouragement,
kind words, beauty. but thankyou. i love you <3)

i'm going to buy more polaroid film for the weekend.
&maybe some mcdonalds. but i will be back.

the trick is to keep breathing
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

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arghargh. i'd forgotten how frustrating it was to design a webpage. plus the fact i haven't done any html/css etcetc for well over a year, so it's like learning it all over again. then again, i also remember the satisfaction when finally finishing a project, a design you can be proud of. it's worth it, yes? besides. it's nice to have something else to think about, another creative outlet. i'd missed doing this.

also. i got my polaroid film this afternoon too. i've become obsessed with taking polariods, setting up some shots, just randomly clicking an image of whatever i can. they make me smile, once in a lifetime captures. i'm spending the night at russell's tonight, and i want some random shots of him, amongst other things this weekend. oh, taking photos brings happiness lately. i considered doing a photography course, like a short course or something similar; maybe i will one day.

it's my 23rd birthday on monday. i suppose i haven't been looking forward to it in the slightest: it seems odd to have a day in which you celebrate being born and being alive when deep down, you don't know if that's even what you want lately. but i'm likely to be here for it, and i suppose there's no escaping it. 23. how old, hrmph.

i'm very sleepy. i would like a holiday, thankyou. but that won't happen until next year, april at the earliest. le'sigh.
&i've been trying not to think at all today. so far it's working. i guess that's something.