September 28th, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

delirious ramblings on sherbert & no sleep

whoa. i never stay up this late anymore.
of course, i got nothing done tonight, after i gave up trying to work out my frames for my currently-stagnant domain, and my cd burner stopped letting me copy tracks from cds to the hard-drive. but you know, it was fun all the same ;)
perhaps it was a bad idea to eat sherbert at 2am. well it seemed like a good idea at the time.
la la laa. i should go to bed 'cos i'm getting pretty tired. i need some hugs. who wants to donate hugs? hrmph.
i finally got a music download program that actually works. bring on the illegal music!
i really suck at bowling you know? hehe.
alright. i think i'm finally out. hello, 5am.
&goodnight all xxx
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

the leaves have fallen

i honestly feel just so happy today, for no real reason. other than just feeling like everything is going to be okay, that i'm going to be okay. i feel like i'm starting to let go of a lot of the crap that was bringing me down - things that don't matter, things that aren't worth it.
i just feel so light and carefree. and happy.

i haven't been able to say that in a very, very long time.


i'm listening to "shadowland", from the lion king: the broadway musical on repeat, and oh oh, i just adore it so much. i think it is one of the reasons for why i feel so at peace right now. oh love, i can't describe how this music stirs me. j'adore.

am waiting for downloads to finish, and making cds so i can send out mail. <3 weekends. but i also love work, and don't dread the thought of monday morning tomorrow. i'm pretty lucky, you know? although i am on switchboard later on this week, and that kind of makes me a bit stressed sometimes, but nothing i can't control. i'm pretty much caught up on all my work anyway, so it should be fine.

&oh! my mother & nan suggest that it might be better to go to england in spring, rather than autumn like i was planning to. i said that i didn't know if i could wait till 2005 to go, and mum said she was thinking of spring next year, not the year after. that's only 6 or 7 months away! of course, it depends on how well i save -- but with something like this looming, oh oh oh. i really could be going to visit england in the next year, and that makes me so excited. my first real overseas trip. even if it didn't happen for more than a year or so, it's still exciting to plan & dream - but even more exciting when it could become a reality. oh, my excitement runs through my veins like blood right now. i looked through books on england while i was in bookstores this weekend, and i wanted to press myself into the pages and magically appear on the underground or in convent garden <3. but one day!

ahhh. i hope this feeling lasts & lasts. it just feels like anything is possible if i try; that there's so much in the world that i can take in & breathe in & be a part of. perhaps yr mind is the only boundary after all. i just feel so inspired and eager and anticipating the things to come.

i feel like this song transforms me. oh, breathe your magic into me...

shadowland, be my guide <3