October 4th, 2003

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i went through a stop sign without stopping whilst driving today, and just my luck, there was a cop waiting on the other side.
i got landed with a $240 fine :(

the irony of the situation? i was just coming from one library (and going to another one), where i had borrowed this book (among others) called getting rich for dummies. hrmph.

someone, i don't think getting a $240 on the spot fine is part of the strategy for getting rich :\
it certainly makes me fit the "dummie" title though. heh.

am really quite pissed off about it, but it was my fault, and i can't change it, so all i can do is pay the blasted fine, and then pay more attention in future. i've had my license for 5 years and this is my first fine, so i suppose it really could be worse. no point in being too annoyed about it now, although it sucks to just throw so much money away like that :(

better start paying attention to that getting rich book, i think.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

contact info?

i'm making the switch from outlook express to microsoft outlook for emails. so enlighten me with whatever contact info yr comfortable with giving? it's a locked poll so no-one else can read it, and i promise i'm not a stalker :P but i DO like to send mail ;)

oh and yes. still no-one has owned up to buying me this lovely paid account! so please tell? xxxx

Poll #187764 contact info?

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in other news, i started my christmas shopping last night. oh yeah :D thank god i'm not working in retail this year - it's a welcome change after 5 years. however, that has not stopped me from almost seriously considering going back to rebel sport & asking if i can work weekends to supplement my income from working at zurich during the week. then again, maybe not. i'm not that desperate; after all, all i wanted was to get the hell out of retail, and besides, working 7 days a week would really be asking for trouble. even if i really do like 5 days of it :P