October 8th, 2003

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unexpected surprised

ee, yay. today has been one of those days where good things have happened that you didn't expect or where you were actually expecting the worst; not to mention i finally did the filing here at work that i've been putting off for a month, and i arranged to get my old superannuation fund to transfer everything to my new fund, which i've been putting of for 6 months. so now i'm feeling all nice and organised, yay. oh yes! and lovestaria i finally sent out the pacific project today too :D i don't think i have anything left hanging over my head now - well, nothing that i can do something about anyway. things like my stop sign fine (blah) i can't do anything about till i actually get the fine in the mail (well, i can save the money, but i can't do that until next pay day anyway), so i really feel like i have the little things under control. it's funny how all the crappy little things you keep putting off - like sorting out superannuation & phone bills & filing - can really weigh you down sometimes, and you can't ever shake off that feeling of needing to do something.

! and good things today:

+ finding out i actually had double the amount of superannuation in my old fund than i thought i had - because they for some reason actually had 2 accounts in my name, so i was thinking i had about $1000 in it because that's what my last statement read, but there was actually 2 accounts and hence, 2 account balances that belonged to me
+ thinking i had overdrawn on my bank acccount already and when checking online, realising i still did have money left in it :D
+ checking my phone bill for the last month so far and seeing that it was only half of what i expected it to be
+ thinking if was about 9:30 or 10am this morning when i sat on the floor and did my filing, when someone announced the lunch lady was here and i realised it was actually nearly 11am (eee yay, that doesn't happen very often at all - actually losing an hour while i'm at work!)

well, only little things, but they made me happy. most of them revolve around money which probably isn't a very good character trait, but unfortunately, it is a necessity. and budgeting has become really important to me particularly in the last week or so as i do want to make the most of the money i'm earning, so being able to make my dollars stretch further is a nice accomplishment.

++ also tonight, i'm going out for dinner and then to a pro basketball match which has been arranged through work, so i'm very much looking forward to that. i never realised there were so many perks in working in a corporate business, but i'm sure not going to turn them down! besides, i've never been to a basketball match before, but i am assured that it will be a great night out.

almost lunchtime now, and i feel like i haven't even started to work yet. i'm still stuck in morning mode - but as this is my best time of day, that IS a good thing.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

&plans for england

just a question for those who either live in england, or those who have traveled there... what season do you think is the best to plan a holiday in?

i can't decide between going in spring or autumn... i don't want to go in winter as i know i wouldn't be able to handle the cold (australian winters' chill me enough without going below 0*C), and i didn't think i wanted to go in summer, but after reading a few things, i could be open to going then.

so tell me. what season/month would you recommend for a first-timer visiting? and if you can be bothered expanding, why?