November 9th, 2003

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ahem. because i am already a dork and have lost all credibility by publicly announcing my crush on Rob Mills of Australian Idol uh, fame, what more do i have to lose by asking this? ;)

if anyone here in australia has any back issues of New Weekly, TV Week, New Idea, Womens Day, TV Hits, etc etc that has anything (especially pictures :D) on Robert Mills ("Millsy") that they don't want (hehe), could you please let me know and i'll buy them from you? or something?

*ducks before people start throwing things at her for being such a teenybopper*

i said to sarah last night, "i have a crush on rob mills from australian idol. he's sleazy and a womaniser, but i like him anyway". and she looked at me with that look she gives (hehe, you know i love you sarah!) and said, "i don't know what that says about your taste in men".

and that, my dears, just about sums it all up.

but i'm serious about the picture request :D