December 22nd, 2003

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

faerie lights

i turned my room into a faerieland :D

... well, sorta. faerie lights around my window are a start anyway, right? &i have candles & unicorns & wings (oh my !)
but they look good. better than i expected, actually. my parents weren't too thrilled with my original idea of stringing hundreds of tiny lights across my ceiling, mainly because of having too many hooks up there. but this was a compromise, i suppose. and it doesn't look half bad, i still get a magical effect.

&oh. speaking of magical, why won't the rest of the Peter Pan website work for me? i have flash 7, the index works fine but after that -- nada. darnit. i was hoping to download a desktop theme or wallpaper or something. well that, and lose myself again in the magic of Neverland and flying away with Tink. i can only dream.

3 days until christmas, oh too strange (but exciting ?)
whats on your christmas list this year?
&i'm sorry for not sending out very many christmas cards this year
i promise to make it up in 2004
and send out cards & letters to everyone i love, just because.
just because.