March 28th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


x. waking up at 1pm is a really good way to waste half yr weekend.
x. caught up with dear friend Kristy last night; we went down to the parade for coffee & nachos and sat in a cafe listening to a swing band play outside <3
x. R & i watched some of "finding nemo", played playstation (at which i lost all the car races terribly), but mostly snuggled & hugged & talkedtalkedtalked. it is so lovely to have that closeness again.
x. tomorrow is... too much to do (?), probably none of which will get done. whyever do weekends go so quickly??

and i would just like to say that zines are probably my most favourite thing right now. i mean, i loved them before (obviously), but i have been reading such wonderful ones that have been sent in for the distro lately, and it is just fabulous. must start working on my own too, while the ideas are still fresh in my head.
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

it's a lush day !

miss moonborn has a lot to answer for: just when i was beginning to think that i had this savings thing under control, she comes along saying how wonderful lush products are - and now i can see all good intentions of saving hard fly out the window.

well at least i'll smell nice. and be all glittery and such. :D

i love the end of daylight savings. that extra hour seems to make all the difference; and i woke up early this morning, instead of halfway through the afternoon like yesterday. hooray, that's just how i like it. why sleep when there are so many things to do & see & write about & people to talk to & plans to make &... today will be a lazy yet productive day (perhaps?)

oh, there are just way too many gorgeous products here.
my willpower has completely disappeared!! but i suppose it's good timing at least - we get paid our bonus in thursday's pay, so i suppose i can semi-justify my product-lust... !

i am a hypocrite who says she hates the capitalist system, but is materialistic & loves shopping. oh dear.

(&here's to a beautiful day to you all)

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


right now am in love with:

♥ oh lush! aphie, i will most definitely be ordering this week sometime, watch out for my order :D
kurt halsey artwork
icons! there are some talented web-creators out there.
♥ &on that note, layout designs on this gorgeous site.
♥ listening to rain on a lazy sunday afternoon
♥ sundays that go ohsoslowly for a change
♥ realising there is less than 6 months to go until the UK!!
♥ autumn & changing coloured leaves & perfect weather & the promise of storms &...
♥ Wil Anderson from triple j radio

goodnight stars. a new week begins.