May 8th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

&hearts, love

+ i got peter pan on dvd this week !! oh, my most favourite film of 2004: enchanting, magical, take me away to neverland?
+ finally catching up with Marianne last night. it had been 2 months in the planning, for every date we initially planned got cancelled out of a variety of reasons. but we made it last night ! also catching up with miss Kristy soon too, and she is another one whom plans with keep falling by the wayside.
+ seeing miss sparkleoflife this afternoon <3
+ much creativity this week; i love it (colour me in sparkles ?)
+ charity luncheon for work yesterday. it was sort of dull but better than being in the office. plus i got to meet some different people that i've only spoken to on the phone, and have laughs with our solicitors who are nothing like you'd expect lawyers to be.

eek, i am still really sleepy. i shouldn't have gotten up at 8:30 after all, but i couldn't turn off my thoughts long enough to go back to sleep.

today = finishing my mum's mother's day present for tomorrow &??? wherever the wind leads me, i suppose. and later on, down to see sarah.

sigh, tiredness.