June 20th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

we say goodnight, not goodbye

i am brattish and i don't want to go to work tomorrow.

i'm in the process of making my own zine, soulbreaking. it's about a quarter done at the moment but i know there's much more to come. like everything, it's a matter of sitting down and spilling out the words and putting them into black and white instead of letting them float around in my mind forever. i'm terribly unmotivated too often; it's shameful, really. i'm sure i could achieve much more if i really tried but then again, perhaps we can all say that. but at least the zine is getting done, even if slowly.

i put some stuff up on ebay to sell; i'm in need of making some extra money to pay for memory cards and the like before heading overseas. i'm so excited to go to england, but i'm dreadfully fearful that i won't see half the things i'd like to while i'm over here. i read about charing cross street and how there is meant to be many bookstores along there and i couldn't stop smiling; but i've only 10 days {approx} in london and won't there be a million other things to visit as well? i'm scared that i might never get the chance to go back there again and if so, then i need to cram everything into this trip that i can. no regrets, right? i'm excited and anxious and craving and longing for england. 3 months to wait; it seems so long and yet not at all.

and speaking of england. i shall be in london around september 26 - 29 {inclusive} and then again from october 17 - 22 {approx}... if anyone here is interested in meeting up at all and is free during any of those times, let me know? i plan to post a more extensive itinerary of where i'll be during the 5 weeks i'm over there as i know there may be people i can meet as i travel around britain {miss tumblelolly !}; but i know there are more people in england here than i've talked to already and i'd love to meet as many people as possible. so let me know if you might be around? also any recommendations for hostels/places to stay in london or other places i should know of are much appreciated :)

right. now back to the zine and then off to bed. another week is about to begin.