June 29th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

more earrings

some more earring fun tonight. i wore my first pair in to work today; lots of nice feedback which is always encouraging. it's all about playing with colour and styles and finding the right beads, and it is extremely relaxing. i looked forward to coming home all day and making something new; a few people at work suggested that i set up a stall somewhere and sell them but i really just want to make gifts for people. however, i am broke for the moment so after next week {payday}, perhaps i'll scout around ebay and other places for some bargains. i am particularly in love with lampwork beads for the moment; there are some amazing designers out there. such detail in something so delicate.

i have so little to say these days; i don't mean to have secrets but there just aren't the words, it seems.