July 25th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

never was a cornflake girl

i am addicted to these forums and i'm not tired enough to go to sleep yet.

i keep meaning to write things here but i put it off for so long that i lose the motivation. today i finished packages for roseinyrteeth and nelmiocuore and both will be in the mail tomorrow; i started letters to emiliachi and lyricsofmylife and watched dvds, but something feels incomplete. i am in love with makeup that i shouldn't buy and the idea of revamping my style but everything is just a phase anyway. who am i to know what it is i want?

i think i'm going to do a series of these tours when i go to the uk to replace the tour that was cancelled. actually these excite me even more than the other did; so i'll take it as a blessing in disguise and just hope that i can get my money back on time. the girl at the travel agency on thursday night was a right bitch; but mum went behind my back and talked to a guy whom she said was very helpful. i'll make the phone call tomorrow; we'll see. we'll see. it's 2 months exactly until i leave and you know i'm counting down the days.

i shouldn't have started downloading another song but i just couldn't help myself. go modem, go!