August 1st, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

uk planning

it is august which means next month i will be going to the UK !!
{i am much more excited than i could ever express here; i have anticipation
flowing through my veins and coursing through my every nerve
fly me away from here ?}

&for those who might be able to, this is a rough itinery of where i'll be & what i'll be doing during the time i'm in the uk;
i'd love to meet up with any of you if you're free.
let me know ?

september 25-26: fly to london, arrive london in the afternoon
september 27-28: in london. sightseeing, most likely
september 29: begin haggis britain tour, first 5 days to end in -
october 3: edinburgh, scotland.
october 4: hop onto haggis scotland tour, 3 days
october 6: evening, back in edinburgh, ready to join back the next day -
october 7: last 2 days of the haggis britain tour, ending back in -
october 8: london, pm.
october 9-10: maybe spend the weekend in wales (free time of my own there)
october 10: pm, get to dublin, ireland
october 11: 6 day tour of ireland
october 16: pm, own time in dublin (staying 1 more night most likely)
october 17: get back to london. spend week in london: sightseeing, shopping (!), catching up with some of you?
october 22/23-31: stay with alex_faerie, including time in france
october 31: fly home to arrive back in adelaide on -
november 2: home

if you are interested in meeting up during that time, during the times i'll be in the specific countries or cities, let me know
or something; we'll try and work something out because i would dearly love to meet so many of you beautiful english stars ♥
already the time is much too short
but i am so very looking forward to it.