August 10th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


♥ thankyou so much for all the wonderful music you lovelies have uploaded for me ! i am downloading it to my hard drive as quick as my modem will let me and deleting as i go because i didn't realise how quickly 200mb of space would fill up *l* i can't wait to make some cds, you guys are awesome.

♥ darling snowcanwait sent me a wonderful package in the mail - some tori shows & chocolate & stickers. it made me smile ever so much; you are a sweetheart ! i have been listening to the shows in my car and they are wonderful. tori's music is ever so soothing, it makes everything seem much more bearable.

♥ i feel very unmotivated tonight. thank goodness for the music though {&thankyou again}