August 17th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

book magic

miss alex_faerie sent me the most amazing parcel; it was the only nice thing of the day, really. deliciously long letters (oh grape scented ink !), beautiful faerie figurines, photos, cards, beads, jewelry, a wristband she made, hot chocolate drinking mix, and my favourite thing: this gorgeous little book, a scrapbook of magical places & moments in england. oh my ! i can't stop smiling as i read her beautiful letter and i keep picking up the book and touching the pictures and falling in love with all the beauty that's inside. thankyou so much, you are a sweetheart ♥

the other boleyn girl is wonderful. i read it at lunchtime at work and drift off to 1523, pretending to be in Kent, in London, in Northumberland. 14 years old and seducing the king; tafetta skirts and long hair in plaits and we should crown her with flowers ! i come back to 2004 with a thud and there are phones ringing and car accidents and arguing in offices. and my head is crowded and i want to run off to Hever castle and have a rest in the country. just for a little while, please ?