August 18th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

the king's castle

i read in my book of how things were back in the 1500's and before, how it was a man's world. and the king could take anyone to bed and the queen, his wife, would just have to smile and bear it because he was the king and it was his world. women were there only to serve the men, even if they didn't agree or like what they were doing. they weren't given a say at all because it was a man's world. and i read this and i think, how terrible, how unfair.

but then i come to work, i come to work in the business/corporate industry i'm in, and have things really changed? the means and ways are different but the idea is still the same. it is still a man's world and women are here to do the men's bidding. the men hold the positions of power and the women are faceless, voiceless, unaccounted for. this office here, the one i work in, it is a man's world here. all the top positions are held by men, women are denied the same chances but not that they can ever say it in those words. it is just implied, unspoken, an undercurrent that flows beneath the smooth surface. it doesn't need to be said. men are brought in from outside the company for the top jobs instead of letting a female progress. women sit on the front desk, women are the personal assistants for the men, organising their business lives for them but letting the men take all the credit. our senior executives are men but who do they call when things go wrong? the women assistants. and i even hate that word, 'assistant'; because it always seems to mean women. never men.

i know there is meant to be more equality both in the world and in the workplace for women. but it will never be completely equal. it's not 1524 and the young girls aren't fanned at the kings feet waiting for him to take his choice of mistress while the queen stands by unable to protest; but the men are still at the throne and the women are below to do their work but never sit in that high seat themselves. and the method has changed but all in all... it's still a man's world.

a broker rang up today and asked to speak to someone who wasn't there. i said, "could someone else help you?" and he said "yes, one of the other boys will be able to help me". i put him through to natalie instead.