August 28th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

christmas in august ?!

i spent part of the afternoon with a group of goths in the botanic gardens in town today; but the most disturbing thing that i saw was this:

christmas ornament display christmas card display

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christmas displays in shops. in AUGUST.
there is something incredibly wrong with that.

on another note, i had a good afternoon. although i hovered, a lot. i'm not as outgoing as i used to be and sometimes i wonder if i'm really the same girl who danced around in theatres and directed plays and got jobs because she was the first one to start talking to strangers in waiting rooms. but i'm not hiding out like i was last year and somehow, it seems to be a happy medium. and shiftybob burnt me Portishead music {thankyouthankyou!} and i think i could listen to it forever; it's like being lulled into a hazy sense of being and what i want to do right now is reread wasteland by candlelight and forget about the real world.

sleep to dream.