November 3rd, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

fuck them and their rigged systems.

to the US Federal Government,


that's all i can think of to say about it all, really.
it makes me feel so mad, so helpless, so... disillusioned.

keep your chins up, my dears. they might win the election, but they'll never win our souls.

you are more than what your government says you are
butterfly girl : where she goes when she

glimpses back in time {photos}

just a few to begin with...

paris & the moulin rouge at night
paris & the moulin rouge by night, oct 25 2004

the endless views in north wales
one of the many stunning views across north wales, sept 28 2004

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x. i registered my new domain tonight ( so it should be up soon(ish). this time i am really going to do something with it, promise. (and if any of the people who originally had space at want a place to stay, you are more than welcome at faerywinged -- and this time i won't let the domain expire ;))

x. i am still jetlagged. i slept for 16 hours last night so hopefully by tomorrow i'll be as good as new again.

x. sparkleoflife, i hope we can catch up soon <3

x. i have plans to see kristy, russell and marianne in the next week; at least coming home means friends. and that is the best thing about being here.