November 13th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

scrapbooking inspiration

i knew there was a good reason why i said i wasn't going to get into scrapbooking; i'm simply overwhelmed by all the scrapbooking products around out there. of course, i never keep my word, and i've fallen in love with paper designs & brass embellishments & vellum & stickers & collages & creating memories out of whatever is lying around. i discovered 2 amazing papercraft stores today and spent the better part of 3 hours perusing them, imagining the things i could create. i brought things to make christmas cards with, and christmas presents. also i brought some gorgeous christmas cards at another place so i can start sending them out to you lovelies.
i love christmas time.

also i brought cassette tapes to make mixes, and if i owe you a letter, i'm trying to write them, i promise ! i keep getting distracted by so many things, and isn't it a shame that there's only 24 hours in a day and that we can't spend them all doing things that make us smile? i know though that it makes us appreciate the time we do have, but where's the fun in being reasonable all the time?

i am currently very much in love with...
aqua mirabilis by lush;
7 gypsies scrapbooking products
♥ dreaming of traveling back to england again (lesigh)
♥ R finally buying a double bed ;)
♥ being able to take control of my life

there's a travel expo on tomorrow; i'm tempted to go to see if there's any information about working holidays in england.
and tonight i get to see sparkleoflife and give her presents i brought overseas ;)

here's to a happy weekend for you all, loves.
and join ourwanderlust if you haven't already (or spread the word ?)