November 22nd, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

altered book love, friends & wanderlust

sigh. i am so in love with all these amazing paper craft items. i just want to buy it all and spend hours colouring and painting and making mixed media art, as they call it. it is so visually appealing to me and oh. i really want to make an altered book, but i think i should wait until after christmas when i've finished some of my other projects. yay, simple happiness. a friend at work told me about a lovely scrapbooking store near work, and i spent my lunch hour today browsing the beautifully patterned papers and embellishments. they had 7gypsies stock, which is one of my very favourites but is generally hard to find a lot of here in adelaide.

we finally had the last episode of FRIENDS tonight; i'm sad that it's over. i think the airport scene is overdone; i wasn't too impressed and i definitely had that sense of deja vu. so muchso that i wondered if in fact i really had already seen the last episode somewhere, or at least that scene. but other than that, i loved it even though triple j insisted on telling everyone exactly what would happen. no surprises there.

the streets of london

i miss this place too much. and everytime i see pictures of:

the eiffel tower

my heart aches.