November 23rd, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


i have been trying to customise lj layouts & the like tonight, as well as working on my zine {2 more pages down} and writing christmas cards {although i didn't get too far with that; but i do have cool pens that are sort of 3d-ish when i write, which is pretty exciting, at least at this time of night}. i've gotten miss_lush looking okayish -- so hinthint, if you are a fan of lush products, go join this community? i'm thinking maybe we could organise something like a bath ballistic swap amongst people from different countries -- there are all different ones floating around and perhaps it would be exciting to do an exchange for ones we can't get in our own countries. but i'll see who else joins, and what they think ^^

i'll work on ourwanderlust another night; my eyes are tired and my head is swimming and i am too tired to try and fight with css again. i am watching the lindy chamberlain story on tv, and it's making me so sad. the lindy chamberlain story was something that i sort of grew up knowing about; a woman who's child disappeared in the northern territory in 1980 (the same year i was born) and was later sentenced to life in jail for the murder of the child, even though she consistently vowed that "a dingo stole my baby". she spent over 3 years in jail and was found innocent of all charges against her; of course the truth will never be known although it seems more viable now than it probably did back then that a dingo did indeed, steal her baby. my parents have always held the belief that she was innocent so i feel swayed to that view; but nonetheless, the story makes me feel sad. miranda otto is in this version of the story. i can't imagine what the real lindy chamberlain must have gone through in all that time spent in jail.

what would it be like to be in jail for a crime you know you didn't commit? for a crime that only YOU know you didn't commit? the thought scares and saddens me. our justice system may be messed up, but what are the damages in sentencing the wrong person?
i hope we never have to find out ourselves.

there is so much more i have to say, always. but i never know how to say it.


christmas cards

i've been making christmas cards this year for some of my friends & family. i wish i could make everyone here cards to send but because i want to mail them out in the next couple of weeks, perhaps next year i'll make other handmade cards and randomly mail them out to you guys. if you'd want one, that is. but that's another project for after christmas. also i had an idea today at work about creating scrapbook pages & collages using photos & quotes etc from letters sent to me from starlettes such as roseinyrteeth and photogirl and others as a way of archiving them in a more personal manner {if they wouldn't mind, of course !} and i have this idea in my head based on some gorgeous scrapbooking pages i saw yesterday; but alas, there's never enough hours in the day. i feel more creative and inspired lately than i have in months but there's just never enough time for it all.

i'm ever so impatient, and i just want to do everything at once. if only.