November 24th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


44 pages of my zine done, and i think this is constituted as being finished. okay, i'm going to say that again just to reinforce it in my mind:
i finished my zine {!!!}

well, it only took 11 months :P perhaps the next one won't take quite as long (maybe).
printing it out and tomorrow i begin to copy the pages and collate them all together. it's all about the cut & paste and i'm sure it will drive me insane but it'll be worth it to see my little mini publication (albeit, diy) come to life at last. and i just had this thought that perhaps my black and white photos aren't going to photocopy too well and perhaps i should have printed them in colour instead. oh decisions, decisions !

it is sort of nice to have actually finished something. well the writing of it anyway.
i'll post all the details about cost and ordering stuff when they are in actual zine form. because knowing me and my terrible habit of procrastination, it could be another month before it is actually read to be read as a zine.
but it's going to be about $ 2, plus postage for this one, and i hope i'm not charging too much; those of you who have been writing zines longer than i have, what do you think? it's 44 pages (at least - i'm sure i can think of other things to add between now and the actual collating of it) not including the cover, quarter size. text heavy and photos. i wanted to make it a bit cheaper but PayPal fees are horrendous these days really. also there will be a wholesale rate for distros, should any of them actually want to pick it up.

just out of curiosity, who would want to read it? and who would actually order a copy?
&if you're a penpal of mine, you'll get it for free if you're interested in reading ;) {let me know and i'll send it with your letters ♥}
also jess, i'll be sending you one too, at last a trade for Lila and Monster zines !!
but just so i have an idea of how many to start printing off ?

i started the second one already and i think it will be an easier one to write, if i don't keep putting it off like i did with this one.
but it is exciting to be done with one {perhaps that will motivate me to keep writing for the next one; although if people hate it and i certainly hope that people will be honest in their feedback and tell me if it is utter crap or not!}

i'm longing for a hot lush bubble bath. my skin is aching for it. and if you know of what i'm talking about, then you need to go and join miss_lush... just in case you weren't already sick of me pimping these communities ;)