December 3rd, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

a question for those of you living in the uk...

just a couple of quick questions...

- what is the average rent for a room or a flat in the uk (not including london)
- what sort of places do those of you who live in the uk on yr own (or with housemates - ie, not in a family home), rent? ie, are they 1-person flats, sharehouses with other people, etc. and if you don't mind me asking, about how much rent do you pay? {i suppose that sort of ties in with the first question}
- what is an average wage in the uk for full-time work, or hourly rate for casual work like retail?

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butterfly girl : where she goes when she

thankyou to distantsun for letting me repost this here

dear lovelies,

i know we have all been posting our christmas wishlists around lately, but instead of posting mine, i thought i would post and encourage you to do this, from distantsun and roslyn's journals.

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i brought the cutest, softest teddy bear from myer to send over {probably to baxter, since it's in my state} last night. i hope it puts a smile on some little kid's face christmas day.

christmas should be magical for everyone.