December 4th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

saturday loves

perfect weather + barbecue this afternoon at sparkleoflife's place + putting up her christmas tree with her + seeing her gorgeous son running around + zine packages + lush baths ! ♥

i am easily happy these days. but the office has gone from being a creatively strewn workplace to being an absolute pigsty - between dad's teaching stuff {he is in the ses and he teaches a lot of courses, amongst other things - my dad is so inspiring to me, he's always busy on different projects and learning new things, and i think that's where i must get it from}; i need to declutter in the worst of ways. i am partway through writing out christmas cards so if you signed this poll, you should hopefully receive one from me sometime soon {ie, before december 25, although i think that getting cards after the day is nice too}. then i can start to clean up some of the clutter at least. too many things going on.

am running extremely late now so must dash. but does anyone else want to order a zine ? i'm really interested in what you think of it. also i need to clear out all my hundreds of zines i have acquired since my distro days and so i will probably be making some zine grab bags of about 8-10 zines and selling them off, would anyone maybe be interested in buying one? there are some really good titles in there, but i'll list them all when i get a bit more organised. or perhaps i'll reopen the distro but just for sales, not submissions. there is some great writing that needs to get out there ♥