December 19th, 2004

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child sponsership

i am going to sponser a child, but i don't know which agency is the best one to go through.
world vision is the first one that springs to mind; but does all the money reach the child?
i've heard things about agencies where too much of the money goes into administration and other things, not where it's needed for the child.

i've been looking at unicef as well, but i think i'd like to actually sponser a child, "get involved" with a child and help that one person, instead of just making a regular donation each month - i know the money goes towards things that are needed - vaccinations, food, clean water - but i really would like to make a difference in one person's life - education, living conditions, whatever.

does that even make sense? does anyone have any thoughts or personal experience with this - agencies that are worthwhile to sponser through (i remember being in the shops one day and there was a stall on child sponsership with some agency and the guy there was quite adament that the money really did go to the child, not just to the agency and it's administration fees, but i can't remember which agency they were). i think donating money is great obviously (i do a payroll donation through work as well for our "community connections" program - just $ 1 a day, but work also matches all our donations dollar for dollar, and it goes towards various programs in the community that need support via a program called united way which helps homeless, disabled and disadvantaged communities throughout australia); but something just calls me to try and touch someone's life in a more personal manner.

any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated, thankyou.