December 25th, 2004

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merry xmas

merry christmas everyone !! for most of you christmas day is just beginning so here's to a fabulous day for you all ♥

+ christmas happiness through the eyes of children
+ "santa's been ! santa's been !" announces my 4-year old cousin. "he got me a slime volcano ! it's really for 5-year olds but he thought i was big enough to handle it !"
+ delicious food & my aunt's classy style {i look up to her in some ways, i could never be as stylish as her}
+ lovely presents {eep... materialism :X}
+ my nan loved the book i made {and showed it to absolutely everyone throughout the day}
+ actually everyone loved the gifts i gave them and that was better than receiving anything of my own
+ reading fabulous style magazines at my aunt's place
+ showing my 11 year old cousin how to download music using bear share and load them on to his new mp3 player {"you're a computer genius !" um, coughcough. ha !}

- fucking materialism; there's something about hearing children say "we got presents but we could have gotten more" that makes me feel really sick about the greed of the human race.

next year my family and i are going to do this: buying gifts through a world vision catalogue (or care australia) for people in third world countries, instead of buying each other things we don't need (or even want). you can order things like chickens, blankets, seeds, tools, immunisations and all sorts of other well-needed items for people in other countries. you get a gift card to give to the family member/friend you brought things on behalf of that says what was given and where (i think); i told my parents about it last week and we all agreed that next year we were going to have a no-present christmas, and do something worthwhile with the money & holiday season instead. presents are lovely, but they are even more lovely when you know they will really make a difference in someone's life. this year felt sad because it felt like we were giving for the sake of giving; but i am tide over by the thought that next year we'll make more of an effort to help people who really need it instead.