December 26th, 2004

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boxing day

boxing day feels so relaxed and unrushed, the flipside to christmas day. i am happier for the next 3 days off work and time to myself than i was for christmas this year, and i suppose that's a bit sad really. but it's nice to just spend time at home and not feel like i need to do anything. i spent the last 6 weeks making cards and presents and now it's done. although i still have to finish my friend kristy's present; i'm seeing her tomorrow night though, and there's only a little bit more to do on it. not the same stress as that i've been feeling for the last couple of weeks.

i'm not sure why i got so stressed this year about christmas, but it's over now, you know ?

i know i say i hate the materialism of christmas, but i've been having fun reading people's gift lists this year. hypocrite, i know i am. (i'm sorry). i think about half of you got ipods this year and i'm envious ! not that i asked for one, because i didn't; but i think i'm going to cave in and buy one in the sales this coming week. i want a pink mini ;) and luminously has given me the idea of getting something engraved on the back of it (if she doesn't mind me using her idea, of course !); i'm thinking something by emilie autumn.

after that, i promise i'll save ! new zealand in february. hoping to move to england in july/august (!!) for a working holiday for a year (to start with); my aunt stole me a magazine from the hospital she was in recently that had an article on working holidays and i am blessed with encouragements all around me to go and do it. my mother freaks out but she knows she has to let go of me sometime. it's the perfect timing, really. wanderlust + no idea of what i want in a career + general restlessness + the feeling that everyone else is moving on with their lives so why can't i? the one thing i was really disappointed not to get this christmas (sorry, materialism again :X) was a copy of lonely planet's gap year book; i have this psych book i brought ages ago from dymocks that i've never even cracked open (actually, it hasn't even been taken out of the bag), i'm going to see if i can exchange it for some travel books instead. they have a 30 day exchange policy but i'm hoping the rush of the holiday season will mean i can exchange it without the receipt (the receipt that says i brought it september 14 2003...). and i feel bad writing this here when moonborn is a dymocks employee now (oh i am so jealous !) but i'm hoping she won't give me away ;) or think too badly of me.

summer and 2005 are full of dreams & wishes to come true.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

thoughtfulness on deviantart

ohmygoodness. someone on my deviant art list just brought me a subscription to DA !! i just about cried when i saw that -- i don't even really know her well, just that her artwork & manipulations are beautiful. i am so incredibly touched by this thoughtful gesture from someone so sweet. *cries*

*promises to update DA more :D*

{thankyou so much, you sweetheart !}