December 27th, 2004

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

she sleeps with butterflies

wow. everyone really did get an ipod for christmas this year. even Russ got one... and i didn't even think he knew what an ipod was.
hrmph. *pouts* i want one !
*browses catalogues for christmas sales* :D

thank gods indriya & her boyfriend are okay, having just flown out from Phuket before the earthquake and tidal wave hit :( the news stories are so sad; all those lives lost, the devastation that has hit those countries (many of which weren't in such great condition aid-wise to begin with either). i am looking at the care australia website now to see if there is anything we can all do to help. apparently there is no fresh water or anything in the countries that were hit (sri lanka, malyasia, thailand, indonesia etc) and with over 12,000 confirmed dead already (not to mention the thousands still missing) and everything left in ruins (buildings, infrastructure, not to mention morale), it seems horrid to sit back and not try to do anything.

on another note, i've been reading through the lonely planet gap year book and it's really fantastic. i feel so excited and inspired and full of possibilities for next year. i burst out and chattered to mum about the possibilities of doing internships or something similar while i was in the uk and all she could think of to say was, "you'll have to be careful. someone got killed in london the other day."

"mum," i said, "a few people got killed in adelaide [ie: where i live] the other day." and it's funny but i know that this is her way of supporting me, no matter how hard she wants not to let go. i'm so excited about the possibility of really going back to england for awhile, and i feel blessed that the people around me support my decision and understand.

i haven't felt this excited about a new year, in a few. bring on the adventures.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

tidal waves

i'm watching the news about the tsunami and just about crying. all that devastation... i can't imagine the horror of being there, of how life can be fine one minute and utter tragedy the next. bodies being washed out to sea, people losing their homes, family members, everything. it makes me feel so sad and helpless. i donated some money through red cross (just $ 10, but every bit helps, right?) but i wish there was more that i could do.

how do people repatch their lives after something like this ?

there are so many beautiful things in this world... and so much human sadness and grief. so much richness, so much poverty. while i'm planning to fly overseas and work and travel the world, other people are picking through boards and looking for any remants of their former life that the waves might have left behind. i'm going to the movies tonight and i get to eat popcorn or icecream if i like and laugh with my friends... other people in most parts of the world will be lucky to have clean water to drink tonight.

they're talking on the news about the australian's who were in the countries that were hit by the tsunami's, and what they saw, did etc. those australian's were there on pleasure holidays, enjoying their time away. they were devastated by what happened, most of them have come back early, their holiday plans ruined. but the people living in malaysia, thailand, sri lanka, indonesia, maldives... their homes were ruined. they can't come back to safety, leave the water behind in a memory. some countries have death tolls of 4500 and climbing, and how do you say goodbye to all those people, how do you fill the holes that are left in their absense?

how do we sit here in our luxuries, and not DO anything to make the situations any better? how can we ?