January 4th, 2005

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headlines {pissed off}

this, i think, related to one of my biggest gripes about the media and the way events are covered/reported.

our daily newspaper has a huge headline today announcing that one of australia's football players was confirmed dead in the south east asia tragedy. there are pictures of grieving family members, quotes about their heartache and loss. in fact, ever since the tsunami hit there's been coverage about this football player, about his wife who made it back safely, about how no-one knew where he was and if he was safe, etc etc. and it makes me fucking sick.

what about the other 149,999 (roughly) other people who have died as a result of the tsunami? why is this one person highlighted in grief and mourning -- why is his family's anguish any more important than the grieving of all the millions of other families around the world who have lost loved ones? and not just as a result of the tsunami. people died in australia this weekend because of other causes. a drowning, road accidents, not to mention the people who die daily due to cancers and other diseases. do they ever get a mention? do their families? of course not.

the hero worship that we have in western countries makes me want to SCREAM. sure i feel bad for his familiy that they've lost their son, husband, friend. just like i feel bad for all the other families who have lost that and more. why is his death worthy of a front page news story? what makes him more important and more newsworthy than anyone else?

oh, thats right. because he was a football player. a sports star. and don't australians have the reputation for hero worship especially of their sporting greats.

people are people, whether they can kick a football or not. if we want to worship someone, why don't we worship brain surgeons? heart surgeons? emergency service workers? people who actually do something worth worshipping. why haven't we heard about any doctors who have died over in south east asia, any ambulance crew? so they're not as "worthwhile" as the sports stars of this country? it makes me SO SICK how as a nation we parade our 'heros' up high, bow down to them in adulation and make their feelings more significant than any one elses. that football player, his wife wasn't the only newlywed who was widowed on december 26. thousands of other young wives lost their husbands during a time which should have been their happiest celebration yet.

there are a million untold stories in the wake of this devastation. why, oh why is one person's held up above the others, just because he could kick a ball? what makes their suffering anymore dreadful than that of anyone elses?

the priorities we have are truly messed up.

{also, i don't have a "pissed off" icon. that's probably a good thing because it means i don't get really pissed off very often to not want to use a pretty icon, but is a minor gripe at the moment when i really AM annoyed. grr. haha, i'm a dork.}

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

more creativity, and zines

i got the most fabulous zine from moderngypsy today, that i thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in visual creativity - the mind's eye. eliza, i think it's fabulous !! i can't stop reading it. is that your real handwriting? it's gorgeous ! *jealous* it thoroughly inspires me, which right now isn't such a great thing because i'm trying to do too many things at once, and getting frustrated that i can't do it all. i need to send out artist trading cards for this swap here, and i should have known better than to sign up for any more projects so close to christmas time; i didn't get time to start on them until this weekend, and i just know that i'm not sending out my best artwork. i can do a lot better.

i sometimes feel like i have too many ideas running through my head, and my impatient nature insists that i do it all, now, NOW. i wish i could.

it's ironic, actually, that i got eliza's zine in the mail today, because i started thinking this morning about the idea of putting together yet another zine, this one about unleashing creativity, finding inspiration, not being afraid to make things. i suppose that's similar to moderngypsy's, although i had actually forgotten i'd ordered it so it wasn't a conscious imitation; although this would be broader, not about one art medium (such as visual journalling), but about...i don't know, creativity in all sorts of things? inspiration in the smallest of places? hmm. now that i start to put the ideas into word form, the idea doesn't seem so concrete after all. i think when i get a spare moment, i'll start writing it and see where it goes. after all, no-one else has to read it if it doesn't work out. i was going to call it something cheesy like "starsparks: igniting your creative flame" (named after my poor defunct zine distro). i'd like to inspire people to not be afraid to be creative. you all can be, you know.

although, speaking of zines, i think i've decided not to do the south east asia / tsunami zine after all... i know many of you lovelies liked the idea and offered to contribute (and thankyou so much for that, i really appreciate it xo), i just don't think... well in the end, i'm probably not the right person to do something like that. because all i have is opinion, and it's opinion that's no different from probably half the western world; why would people pay to read that? in the end, we all have opinions and thoughts and ideas and reactions to what happened; but what can we offer that hasn't already been said and done? it's not like i'm an expert in the subject. other people have so much more to say, so much more intelligent things to say about it; what can i add that is worthy of any attention?

i like the fundraising idea for the appeal; but i just don't know if a zine is the right thing to do. not by me, anyway. if anyone else with better articulation would like to take over or claim this idea, you are more than welcome to it ;)

i so badly want to go and work on my art journal now. thanks, eliza ;) also i want to write more, loads more; but i have to go to bed instead. sigh. good thing work's pretty quiet at the moment, really.