January 17th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

ugh, stress

today was the worst kind of stressful day. when i didn't know what i was talking about to people at work & had too much work to do & felt pressured and horrid the whole day.
please let tomorrow be better. the last time i had a horrid monday like that, the only good thing was that the week got progressively better thereafter. i'm hoping the same thing will happen this time too.

also i'm much much poorer than i thought i was. argh. no more online shopping for jade. no more any shopping for jade. i need to get my next zine finished & printed asap. i'm trying to save stamps so i can afford to send them out when they're done {if people order them that is, lol}, but i promise i'm catching up on letters & such. why does international postage have to be so damn expensive?

sigh, i'm in a negative mood today. everything is just bothering me. i hope tomorrow is better. i hope, i hope.