January 23rd, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

sunday loves

get crafty - because you know i needed another craft site to share with you all ;)
i need to find a "craft-y" icon, because i'm silly like that.

i love sundays so much. i think i say that every weekend. so far this morning has been putting together cd racks with my dad, collating copies of winterspark 1 that i printed off awhile back, continuing shay's letter, downloading more dar williams music (because i adore her at the moment), browsing craft sites as usual. yesterday was shopping in town with sparkleoflife who is awesome; she's making me a cloak ! awesome material, of black & silver stars & moons, i'm so impressed with her. also i brought the uk vogue {back issue - december 2004 because it costs nearly twice as much to get the current issue!} even though i'm meant to be saving money; but i adore that magazine so much. i meant to have my lush bath last night, but i went down for a nap at 8pm, and when i woke again at 10, i decided to just go to bed after all. blah, but it meant i woke up early this morning, so i suppose it all works out somehow?

also i'm silly but i love looking at pictures of people's rooms & offices & workspaces; it makes me feel like tidying up and being organised ! i need to clean up this office today, although admittedly, most of the mess is my dad's; still, there are too many papers and pens and magazines lying around for this room to ever look neat. i hate how my mind feels cluttered when things are in a mess; i'm an organisational freak but i think there are others here who can relate to that, so i don't mind admitting it here ;)

today also is: Collapse )

i want to do a mini-zine too. just because i don't have enough things to work on at the moment :P i like to-do lists, just in case you weren't already convinced i was the biggest dork you know ;)

does anyone feel like making icons? because any icon donations would be gratefully accepted... *shameless whoring* ha, i'm terrible. one day i will conquer my fear of photoshop 7 !! i even have photoshop for dummies here but i'm still terribly afraid !

enough sillyness. i need to Do Stuff.
love xoxo

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

long arm stapler love ;)

inspiration always strikes on a sunday night; tonight it's craving to design a website. faerywinged.org is long overdue, and i've barely designed a thing. there's a few layouts i've started and discarded, perhaps i should look at getting one of those up, even if just for the short term. i need to design a zine site for winterspark; it'll help with advertising, and then i can look at sending my zine out to more places. i'm having so much fun with my long arm stapler, i think i want to keep making zines just so i can keep using the stapler ;) it's been too long since i've been inspired to work on a webdesign project; i just feel so untalented especially when it comes to photoshop as i've mentioned before, and the use of graphics. i can learn coding well enough; but i'm terrible with images. something new to work on, i suppose. but why must the inpsiration hit on sunday nights? i think the thought of the long week ahead makes the creative urges come out tenfold ;)

&speaking of zines, winterspark 2: wanderlust really is ready for printing now. i'm so excited; i have covers ready, matching staples (haha), and a template that's ready to hit the copiers. when it's in actual zine form, i'll announce (& show photos again) of the finished product, in case anyone might be interested in reading it. i'm thrilled it didn't take 11 months to finish this one, at least; i'm going to try and have the third done by april, at least. i know it's sort of restricting to put a deadline to it; but if i don't, perhaps i'll never finish another whole one. and i'd like to. there's something satisfying about finishing a zine, from the first words typed into publisher, to the book form at the end. maybe it'll be the closest i ever get to being published, but at least i'm trying, i suppose.

wednesday is a public holiday for australia day, and i can't wait. a day off in the middle of the week seems to make facing mondays a little easier for sure.

well at least it would be, if i wasn't so keen to start designing a webpage right now ! grr. heh. okay: must stop being afraid of photoshop, stop procrasting on putting anything into editpad, and start designing things again! a promise to myself.