February 1st, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


ideas running through my veins. ideas for zines, books, urges to make scented candles and build up a line of products handmade by me. it's nothing original, it's just what i feel. these days i am dreadfully inspired, and not doing enough about it. i talk to myself in my car driving to work, talking through ideas for projects and sentences to write in zines and perhaps that's crazy, but it's how i try to remember things when i can't write them down. i used to have one of those dictaphones for recording voices, but i left the batteries in when i stored it away and they eroded the inside of the machine so i had to throw it out. but i can't stand the playback of my own voice anyway, so maybe it was for the best.

doing a little friends-list clearing; but if i remove you & you want to stay on, let me know.
{i struggle to keep up sometimes and i'd rather get to know people properly, not just another number on another "friends-of" list}
it's nothing personal, i promise. just that i don't really know you.
{and if you actually like reading this, most entries these days are unlocked. i don't have many secrets anymore, not that i seem to write on LJ anyway}

i'm going to start putting together a creativity/crafty/diy zine. i think there are already a few around, but i have some ideas; i'll see how far i get with putting it together, and even if it doesn't work out or i can't get enough original material for it, that's okay too, you know? i'm just going to roll with the ideas i have so far and see how it evolves; my zines tend to take on a life of their own, they in a sense, write themselves. i never intended for my zines to be themed at all, but somehow the last 2 have been {albeit loosely}, with a theme developing for the next issue of winterspark as well as this craft zine, and a summer zine i've been working on during the hot weather (which never actually meant to be a summer zine either, but that's how it's lending itself to be). someone at work told me i was lucky that i could do that, to put pen to paper and have my words form their own ideas and storylines, but i suppose i just take it for granted because it's what i've always done. however, that also means that i suck at sticking to guidelines. my university essays used to be all over the place, or so it seemed.

i crave time to write. i crave the time to make my dreams come true, however small they may seem to be.
but right now, i crave sleep. badly.
{so goodnight, loves.
tell me what you crave right now?}