February 5th, 2005

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beautiful designs

okay, this is what i meant to post about last night.

i got this AMAZING handmade bag from cara_mia last night in the mail -- i am so impressed with her ability to make something so gorgeous! it's so perfect as my dog is a poodle, and it's just a lovely, lovely bag. i have a larger bag that i use everywhere, and this is just perfect for those times i only need the essentials - i carry far too much crap with me, or so i've been told ;) i have such a fetish for bags; i'd love to learn to make things like this. but this was such a sweet gift, i just had to show it off, and brag about cara_mia's bag making skills :)

i've also gotten some wonderful mail from beautiful stars such as starmiranda and winterswitchery, and i promise to do loads of letter writing this weekend and send out some nice things. i honestly have some of the sweetest livejournal friends ever ♥ and 'real-life' friends too; going to sparkleoflife's place this afternoon, and i can't wait to see her again. she's as crafty & creative as me, if not moreso, and seeing her always makes me smile :)