February 6th, 2005

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wordpress & stuff

i'm so silly; i decided on a whole bunch of ideas for faerywinged.org, and could hardly sleep last night for excitement, even though i was incredibly tired. so today i'm going to play around with wordpress and templates and graphics and try and get some things looking the way they do in my mind. haha, i'm a geek *beams*

be prepared for lots of questions though... i think i'll have a few for the pros out there *looks at nightbird & stormvibrations & sea_fae, amongst others* i think i'll post them as edits to this post, perhaps, so i'm not too annoying ;)

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

wordpress question #1

um okay, i need help lol.

i have my wordpress files uploaded to faerywinged.org/wordpress. but i want them to show up at craftlove.faerywinged.org{/index.php}, so i put the addresses in the respective fields in the wordpress options part, in admin. but then i've got this style, that i want to use too. and i did the whole "change the style.css name to wp-layout.css and upload to the directory where the original one is from" {faerywinged.org/wordpress, right..?} and um, nothing is working over at craftlove. but when i go to faerywinged.org/wordpress, there is a very basic outline of all the wordpress stuff (ie, no coding).

i'm sure it's something really obvious, but i am a bit dumb with this stuff. can anyone explain what i need to do?

thanks darlings ♥

[edit: okay, i figured out that bit, thanks to this and this support topic. sigh. now to get the layout to work properly....]

grr okay, now i have no idea at all how to change the template. even though i changed the .css file over. *tears out hair*

...another edit...
is the only way to get a style showing up on your blog, is to have everything -- all the wp-blahblah.php files -- uploaded to the directory you're showing them from? ie; craftlove.faerywinged.org? is there a way to change all the urls so that they point to the directories in the wordpress folder?

do i make any sense at all???

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

pissed off

oh for gods sake. who said word press was easy to install anyway?


i give up. i've spent all day working on this stupid thing because it's been haunting me in my sleep; but i can't get it to work and it is seriously pissing me off. *grrr*

is there a word press for dummies?

great. now to do in 4 hours what i was planning to all of today. stupidnetcodingthings. no wonder i gave up having a webpage years ago. *more grumbling*