February 12th, 2005

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hotmail problems

does anyone else here use hotmail through microsoft outlook?
and if you do, are you having problems sending emails and having to "verify" your account every time you want to write to someone?

...cos i certainly am and i am about to tear out my hair.

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that's what all the messages in my inbox are replaced with. it's been happening for nearly a week now and i am seriously getting pissed off. does anyone know whats up with that, or having the same problems? or logging on via a web browser and having to "verify" your account every time {please enter the characters you see blahblahblah}? grrr, it's making me so mad.

fucking hotmail. all i wanted to do was get in touch with some friends. now i'm just pissed off at my computer for other reasons as well, and i just give up, really. i need a reality check away from this stupid thing.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

more about hotmail, and other stuff

hmm, not sure what to do about the hotmail problem. thanks to the ultra smart stormvibrations who found out from the hotmail help site (i had no idea where that was lol, can we say technologically-dsylexic?) that this was happening to all users using hotmail/msn accounts on outlook unless they had a premium or subscription account. grrr. i suppose you get what you pay for, but it annoys me. i hate changing email accounts, i've done it too often in the past and even now my email is spread out everywhere. i hate the thought of handing money over to hotmail for a service that used to be free, but i can't stand gmail, yahoo or any of the others. i liked being able to sync my email online with outlook, and i could do that with my domain, but will it be reliable enough for my email? i'm hosted with ataraxy.net (incidently, the girl who started it up, Dru, was one of my penpals way back in like, 1998, before she even had the internet!), not saying there is anything wrong with the hosting or anything, but also my own indecision, what if i don't have a domain after a year like what happened with winterspark.org? these are sillySILLY things to be worrying about... but i like email. and i like having ONE address that people can contact me on and not having to tell a hundred people to write me on a new address because no-one ever does.

*sighs* okay, rant over ;)


listening to Tori Amos's sleeps with butterflies on repeat, and uploading another song to share with you all. putting together a zine package to take to C's tonight, burning cds for turtles_path, stapling together the zines i just copied at officeworks. i thought i was going to have to come home and collating & cut the 20 copies i made, but the machine collated them as they copied, and for $ 1.10, one of the guys cut the pages under the guillotine. not that i knew at the time it was going to cost money to ask him to cut them, but compared to hand tearing about 120 pages, it was money well spent. i went to the markets and browsed through, brought some beads & crystals, ate a fresh croissant and a peach. it was fun at first, but there were way too many people, and the chaos bothered me. i think i like my space, really. especially personal space. i need to send more zines to distros because only one so far wants to stock them (that i've heard from anyway), and i need to make up a logo to go with my zines that i'm sending to the sampler. i think that will be a task for tomorrow though; i'm already multi-tasking like anything.

&right click, save as -->
crucify - tori amos - from a 2003 "scarlets walk" tour show. i love this version, so much -- it's an extended version that she sometimes performs live (it's also on the welcome to sunny florida dvd). i love the added bridge at the end. i am never going back again to crucify myself / i have crawled my way back... some days i listen to this on repeat in the car, to remind myself of the things i'm never going back to again. i know many of you have that same determination in you too.