February 13th, 2005

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i am so disgusted with hotmail and how they are forcing their users to buy premium accounts in order to check email via outlook. i've been using outlook for my email for the last 5 years but no way am i paying to use a service that claims for "free" email -- especially after all these years when i've actually defended hotmail and always gone back to using it after trying somewhere else.

*is pissed off* it's more an inconvenience than anything else.

so, important: my new email address from now on is jade @ faerywinged.org. email sent to herwanderlust@hotmail may not be answered simply because i'm too thoroughly disgusted with hotmail to check it anymore on a regular basis.

*grumbles* well it was nice to have the same email address for a year at least. geez, changing over is a pain in the ass. i was hoping not to do that again.

and i still don't have a frigging "pissed off" icon and i'm just in one of those moods RIGHT NOW where i don't want something pretty and everything is just annoying me now. screw you, hotmail!

edit, 2 minutes later... okay, i'm calm now. and just so everyone knows, the last paragraph is not a hint, just my annoyance at how i love pretty & flowery & colourful things... except at times of extreme annoyance. haha... i'm silly :P happier post coming soon. going icon hunting now ^^

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

bags of love

these are the two shoeboxes of love that i posted about doing last month. i used bags instead of boxes - a spokesperson for carry for kids suggested doing this as then the kids could also use the bags for school etc, maybe them twice as useful as a box would be.

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i only meant to do one, but once i started shopping for them, i couldn't help but get carried away. all things that you & i take for granted - toothpaste, soap, shampoo, schoolbooks, pens, hair ties, tissues, bandaids, antiseptic cream. these things don't cost very much AT ALL, yet they can make such a big difference to an orphan who's been through hell and is left with nothing. the stories about the kids who have survived over there in banda aceh are heartbreaking; this is the least that i can do to help. it is so, so heartwarming to hear of stories of how people here are pulling together to make enough of these boxes/bags to send over (they are hoping for at least 100,000!). when i was shopping the other night, in at least 2 stores i could hear other people checking the list printed off from the website and looking for items to add to their boxes, and it made me smile and feel warm inside -- i felt really grateful to be part of a community like that where people were actually giving a damn. i wanted to go over and hug the other people, lol.

i made my 2 bags specifically for 2 older girls (say, 16+). sometimes the older kids get left behind; at christmas time and other times when donations are made, people naturally think of the younger children, but the older teenagers have been through a lot too. at lot of parents, from what i've heard, make their boxes as though they were for kids the same age as their children, and obviously since i couldn't use that hypothetical (lol) i thought it would be nice to target the older age group. i did the same thing at christmas although i did one for an older girl, and one for a younger girl. this time they were both older girls.

there's not loads in the bags (a woman at work made some up and they were positively crammed full of things!! it was so wonderful), but i think it might make even just a little bit of difference to 2 girls over there in banda aceh when they receive them. i really hope so anyway.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

oh, sunday

my room is a mess at the moment, craft projects and too many materials everywhere. too many projects and ideas for my head. i brought the cutest little dice beads yesterday and want to make some earrings with them, but i think that'll have to be a project for another night. halfwritten letters & books beside my dressing table, my favourite scented candles & my mobile phone scarlet (yes, i really do give everything a name) on top of it. alex's flb notebook & dozens of scrapbooking supplies spread out on my bed and on my floor. one day, one day, one day i'll have my own place (when i've finished all my travelling, that is) and it will be a crafting mecca. imagine having room to spread out! what a nice thought. ha.

i placed my order here for raw materials to use to make scented candles and flavoured lipbalms; they should arrive just in time for my days off from work. it was nice to finally decide on what i wanted from there; the temptation to just buy everything (especially the fragrances!) was dreadful. maybe it'll even arrive in time for next weekend. *excitement*

also i really want to learn how to sew bags. i've seen so many fabulous ones on craft pages lately, and i'm such a bag whore, it would be wonderful to design the perfect one and sew it up. custom made, i'm terribly fussy with bags and there are so many wonderful ideas for totes and shoulder bags and purses and... oh. it's all because i was tempted to order kurt halsey's new messenger bag when it was released this month; my current bag isn't the greatest (the design of it is partly to fault for how my camera got stolen when i was in london in october), but i think the kurt bag will be too big. it's a full sized messenger bag, and it looks huge, the size of the bags i used to take to uni. so i started thinking if i could make one that would suit my needs perfectly... and now it's becoming an obsession. another one. just what i needed :P

this week i am going to be good again (since i slipped badly all last week and was terribly distracted the whole time) and only do the things i'm meant to be doing at work. i have ever so much to do at the moment and someone is away (again) so it'll be twice as bad. not looking forward to it at all :( must stay motivated. sigh, but oh that sounds dreadfully boring. i need a full-time crafty job, i think.