February 20th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

random on a sunday morning

i really love the video clip for the killers, mr brightside. the costumes and the vogue-style glamour just takes me into a whole other world, one that sometimes i want to disappear into. if only for a few minutes {i wouldn't belong}.

i drank too much tea this morning already and i'm feeling really sick. i guess 3 cups before 10:20am is a bit too much, even though i've been up for 3 hours. still, perhaps i'll lay off the hot drinks for awhile.

today is writing and burning cds to send to people and collaging. i'm in a zine mood today, and isn't it funny how every day is a different urge? usually my zine urge comes when i'm at work (nearly half on winterspark 2 and everything i have so far for winterspark 3 was written in an email document while i was at my desk at work); that's not altogether a bad thing, it's something to think about to get through the day. today i can legitimately work on zines and hopefully by tonight i'll have something to show for it.

sparkleoflife gave me the cutest diddl notepad last night; we talk of opening a shop where she can sell diddl and i can sell other things, and sometimes those dreams are the nicest. if only. ♥ meanwhile, i have cute stationery to write on *beams*

in other news, some people are so high-maintenance. even online. who can be bothered to deal with it?

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

i get what i want

winding down now. i spent the afternoon doing the last of my pages for the flb notebook, there's only a tiny bit more to do and then i can mail it off. which is good timing really, because daisywhite's circle journal should be here sometime this week, so i can get started on that as soon as it arrives ♥ i also made some earrings using crystal flower beads i brought last weekend and swarovski crystals that were in my collection, and i was quite happy with how they turned out. i tried to photograph them, but goodness, earrings are hard to photograph properly. maybe i could scan them in. i made them whilst watching the josie and the pussycats dvd i borrowed from sparkleoflife, which is a fun film. i'm no good with watching anything serious on tv.

also i discovered i have more rubber stamps and inks than i thought i did (i discovered a whole stash of coloured ink pads in a biscuit tin in one of my cupboards; i thought i'd only had gold in that tin so hadn't bothered to sort through it) which was rather exciting; i was tempted to make some ATC's with the materials i found but instead i finished up packages to nelmiocuore & vaniityx which will be sent out tomorrow, and another one for turtles_path that unfortunately has to wait until next month because it'll cost more to send. yay for mail; i love finishing packages, there's something so lovely about putting a filled envelope in the mail to be flown away into someone's letter box. i wish it didn't cost so much to mail things overseas though.

i still have mondayitis tonight, even though i only have a 2 day week; i think it's just habit. i'm so excited about my days off and hope i actually get things done because i really do procrastinate a lot, even though it might not seem like it. right now i'm browsing this site and oh goodness, i'm so in love with the beautiful letterpress designs. i would absolutely adore to make stationery like that. how much would a letter press cost? i'd go into business and produce beautiful things, notecards & writing paper & envelopes and they'd all be designed with love. it's not an original idea but i'd be so happy doing it.

maybe when i come back from travelling again. maybe maybe maybe. there's always hope to hold on to your dreams.