February 22nd, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


i am so happy today.

♥ after today, 3 days off work !! *cheers*
♥ kisses & cuddles last night (& pizza & the bourne identity which i actually liked)
♥ pretty handmade valentines cards from starmiranda and a hello kitty one from another friend that arrived in my mailbox yesterday {thankyou so much lovelies}. it might not be february 14 anymore but valentines cards on any day are wonderful. in fact, i think they're even moreso. i feel so lucky, i swear i have some of the most beautiful friends in my life ♥
♥ being inspired to write, and writing 2 pieces for my tori mini-zine yesterday at work (although i'm not really convinced other people would actually want to read them, but they're fun & cathartic to write anyway)
♥ oooh and this is just in: i just got my mail at work for the day, and a third party wrote this on his letter, i must add that i have been communicating with jade, and i am extremely impressed with her attitude and demeanor in this situation. thankyou jade. *beams* this is a third party whom when i first started talking to, he swore at me because things weren't going how he wanted them to, so this is quite a step up from that first conversation we had. aww, i feel all glowy inside now! what a sweet thing to write.

also the phones so far this morning have been quiet (they didn't ring for the first 20 minutes and i was worried i had broken it!) but i don't want to say that too loud because the phone gods always have a way of changing that ;) and it's a beautiful sunshiney day and even though i'm stuck indoors, i can see out the glass windows and the glow over the trees makes me smile. it's my last day on switchboard today (after being on here for 2 weeks; it's the part i probably dislike the most) and i have beautiful hot tea to drink and so much happiness that i wish i could spread it around to everyone and make them happy too. it's a nice feeling; everyone should have some.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


if there was anything that was going to stop me from shopping ever again, it was replacing my desk with a tall bookcase in my room and realising what a FUCKING PACKRAT i am.

geez. i don't think i realised i had so much stuff. as in, it doesn't fit back in my room and i have five new shelves full of books, cds, stationery & penpal things, not to mention the containers under my bed, my wardrobe, 2 other storing shelf systems, chest of drawers....
and there's still not room for everything.

i am so disgusted with myself. how did i accumulate so much crap???


days off from work now. i think i will be spending them doing a massive clean out and throwing away/recycling/auctioning off/giving away absolutely EVERYTHING that is non-essential and that i probably wouldn't miss (mainly because i'd forgotten i'd even had it until i unearthed all this junk whilst switching furniture). the amount of clutter i have is horrible and it stresses me out and i can't believe i'm so terribly... packratish. ugh.

apologies for no comments lately. i'm cranky right now :X and no more shopping for jade until she gets rid of at least 3 boxes of junk. right.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

wednesday's list

x. list things on ebay to sell
x. test out lipbalm recipes and make a few pots to try out
x. pay phone bill
x. sort out rest of stuff to put in bookcase
x. finish flb notebook and get it ready to mail out on thursday (at last)
x. find somewhere to recycle old travel brochures (or maybe i can put them in the security bins at work, they get pulped and recycled at least). actually, doing that really would clear out a lot of room, it might be worth doing that for sure.
x. make a list of stuff that wouldn't sell/not worth listing on ebay and see if anyone else might like it (one man's junk is another man's treasure and all that jazz)

the annoying thing is that i really do like stuff; it inspires me and the littlest things can become the focal point of a project i'm working on; but right now the clutter is bothering me something chronic. the clutter always bothers me. i like being inspired and i like finding neat little things in places, i like having miscallaneous things to send in packages and having a ready supply of coloured pens for every occasion and stickers for when the decorating mood hits at 3am. but i hate feeling closed in and messy; it stresses me out. is it possible to have it both ways? the last time i got annoyed with all my junk, i sold a whole heap of scrapbooking stuff on ebay, but i sort of regretted it afterwards because i could have used that stuff after all. i need to find a hobby that doesn't require the use of stuff. a hobby that focuses on minimalism. maybe i should take up yoga or meditation or something like that.

crafts are too addicting. i need to start cutting back on collecting things though.