February 24th, 2005

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making things

well the good news is that i'm feeling a heck of a lot more creative than i was yesterday.

today =
x. making those lipbalms i've been wanting to make ! inspiration finally set in to stop looking for reipes and to just go do it. will probably make some moisterising bars too, because i have all the ingredients for it, although they'll be small; 100g each of cocoa butter & shea butter is not going to go far. my main thing today will be lipbalms. i can try them out over the weekend and if they're okay, i can start giving them to the girls at work to try out (i already have volunteers lined up to test out the things i make lol).
x. working on the circle journal of jen's

well that's it so far, but it's still 2 more things than i wanted to do yesterday ^^ although going to the cafe last night did help. i did some writing and got out of the house, and thats always nice.

i need to get some moulds so i can make some soaps (also some glycerine so i can try the melt & pour technique first, even though it sort of feels like cheating!) and candles. i have the wax & the wicks for the candles, but no moulds. but seeing as i don't have stearin either (which shrinks the wax so the candles are easier to remove from the moulds), maybe i'll just make my own moulds out of old containers, because then i can just cut them to remove the candles when they're set.

time to stop talking about it and just get to it. no-one else is home today (well this morning anyway) so i'm taking over the kitchen while i can ! shall report back (with photos) tonight.

much love to you all xoxo

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

adventures in lipbalm making

i'm really rather pleased with the way my lipbalms (and one moisterising bar) turned out; i only made tiny batches in case they didn't work out and so i could experiment a little and not feel like i was wasting materials. making lipbalms was ridiculously simple; surely it can't be this easy?? but i think it was a rather good project to start on, being that it WAS so simple and straightforward; i followed a recipe for the first batch i made, but felt more confident to experiment with the next batch. the moisterising bar is part based on a recipe and part experimental. i think once you start realising what the different products do/what effects they have, it's easier to make up your own combinations and tailor products to suit your needs. for example, the moisteriser bar is rather emollient, so i wouldn't recommend it for someone with oily skin. anyway, i think this entry will work better if i explain along with pictures, so...

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