March 12th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


i'm sorry for not many comments these days... i'm really struggling to keep up with my friends list these days. i don't check it every day and even missing 2 days means pages & pages to catch up on. i use filters as well!! so i think i need to do a clean out, and this ISN'T one of those comment-if-you-want-to-stay posts, just a heads up that

x. if i take you off, i'm really, really sorry, i just don't have the time to keep up with so many people anymore
x. i'm sorry i hardly comment on some people's journals, i do read but i'm struggling at the moment.

hopefully a clean out = more time to comment = better friendships/communication with people here.

no hard feelings yeah? most cases, it's just livejournal.