March 13th, 2005

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another 'shallow' (haha) post

hmm... first earrings, and now skin-care products!
i swear, i do have real things to say! one day ;)

okay, prompted by heatherica's post, what skin care products do you use and recommend? which ones do you stay away from? do the expensive brands really work? (i once got a sample of la prairie's facial cleanser and it was absolutely heavenly. however, i will never pay $ 120 AUD for a cleanser, no matter how nice it feels). do you think that are eye creams necessary? what about serums? do you use any?

a completely shallow post but i really do find skin care fascinating. i have books on it, books that dispute the claims that cosmetics companies make (of course, don't we all love advertising? the sad thing is that... i do. i would buy cosmopolitan magazine for the advertising. ahem), that discuss the use of various ingredients in the products. but i'm interested in Real People's experiences.

{and just for the record... currently i use neutrogena skin clearing cleanser/mask and moisture defense facial moisteriser. i like the way my skin feels after using the cleanser, but i have problem skin anyway, it's unpredictable. and i stay far away from clinique products... they just make my skin even worse. lancome and estee lauder are nice to me, but is it really necessary to pay so much for a moisteriser and a cleanser?}

and then there's the issue of companies animal testing or using ingredients that have been tested on animals... i think many of the major companies unfortunately do use ingredients that have been animal tested, so even if the actual product hasn't been (thus enabling them to label their packaging with the phrase "this product has not been tested on animals"), it doesn't mean the company is entirely animal-friendly. i think. i need to do a lot more research about that and i'm not pointing any fingers at any of them until i get my facts straight; but this is an issue for me (albeit a disappointing one because i do like some of the products these companies make, but not at the expense of unethical treatment). this site has some good information if you're interested in that sort of thing. it's really hard to know what's right and what's ethical these days. everything seems corrupt and unhealthy to something (animals, environment, energy resources, ourselves...) in some ways :(

but all that aside. tell me what you use and what you recommend :D

and just on the topic of skin care, people in australia, if you get the current issue of harper's bazaar magazine, there's a voucher in there to use at a selection of beauty salons to get a free facial, manicure, pedicure, massage... no catches. i'd love to get a facial because i've never had one before; but i'm also thinking i might give the voucher to my sister to get a manicure because she loves those and only gets them on special occasions. not sure yet; it's tempting to keep it for myself but i like giving things away too. maybe i'll just buy another copy of the magazine ;) (just kidding)