March 23rd, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

sugar rush

um, i have been gorging on chocolate easter eggs all afternoon and now i feel very sick.
haha. sugar rush anyone? but hey, it was fun at the time.
we had an easter egg hunt in the office! nat and wendy, the sweethearts, went and hid different easter eggs and bunnies everywhere.
we were like a bunch of little kids, giggling over our finds and being all excited whenever we saw the shiny wrapper.
those girls are so cute. they are the light of my office life.

i am really hyperactive right now. it's been ages since i've been this way. i don't think i have eaten so much chocolate in months. i've already bounced around talking to everyone and now i have to STAY IN MY SEAT and pretend to do work and not disturb people for the next 15 minutes.
i'm so excited for the long weekend. although right now, in my totally sugared-up state, i am excited about EVERYthing. about seeing my car again. washing my car (haha, that feeling won't last long i'm sure!) seeing friends, even the ones who semi-stress me out.
hmm, i hope i don't crash too hard tonight.

i hope tomorrow isn't too busy at work. i like it when there is a holiday mood in the air, like today.
&i think i need some new icons. rar.