April 19th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

just to balance out my negativity & anger of the last few days...

♥Fiona Apple music... it deserves a second mention ;)
♥ semi-understanding this underwriting stuff
♥ getting a copy of wingedmuse's new perzine, floats with angel wings, which i read last night and adored {i am writing you a letter soon hon <3}
♥ wonderful live music from my penpal Michelle, including bootlegs of No Doubt, Garbage, Evanescence, The Corrs... oh. i can't wait to decode the cds from FLAC/SHN to put onto my ipod and listen to at work (grr, my ipod really does need more space. why oh why couldn't the pretty colours be available in the larger sizes? okay, i'll stop sounding like an ungrateful brat now ;)}
♥ my dad is currently on his way to Turkey right now... we got text messages from him in Singapore yesterday, where they had a day's stopover. oh, wanderlust! i miss being on planes, but i can't wait to hear my dad's stories when he returns.
♥ having lots of ideas for winterspark 4
♥ a long weekend this weekend, plenty of time for writing said ideas ;)
♥ getting zine orders from people i don't know (oh i hope they enjoy them, i do i do)
♥ the new shoes my mum got me the other week :D so good for work, my old ones were starting to fall apart
♥ all of you lovelies *mwah*
♥ 18 days til tori & travelling (oh, i guess i'll be on a plane soon enough, won't i!)
♥ talking to one of our loss adjusters about Europe
♥ emails from fructiferous, sparkleoflife & winterswitchery keeping me company throughout the day

things are okay, you know? even if sometimes they don't feel like it.