April 25th, 2005

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anzac day, 2005

anzac day, the war rememberance day for australia & new zealand soldiers who fought, primarily in world war 1 but in all wars.

watching the dawn service on tv, at anzac cove, gallipoli (turkey). my dad is there right now. i wonder what he's feeling, sensing? the sun is breaking in the distance; 90 years ago today there were battles on that cove, blood was shed, lives were lost.

war is such a waste.

but, the irony here makes me shake my head & laugh in disbelief. john howard (australian prime minister) talking about the anzacs, talking about peace. prayer for peace and living in safety. but we don't learn, do we? howard didn't think twice about sending our australian troops over to iraq in 2003, even though the majority of australians did not support the so-called "war on terrorism". they talk of peace, but why don't they act by that too? empty, meaningless words. it makes me sad. the commentators on the tv just spoke about "incompetent leaders" which led to a failed battle in gallipoli and so many deaths. it could be 90 years ago, it could be today. no-one ever learns from the mistakes of those before.

&oh i know it's all so much more complicated than this. that war is never black & white, right or wrong.

but it makes me so sad.


poppies for rememberance.

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running out of ___

yikes. i printed 50 copies of winterspark 3 less than 2 weeks ago, and they're almost all gone now. i'll be printing more tomorrow though so if anyone still wants to order that's fine, of course. i didn't realise 50 copies would go so fast! that's a good thing though.

i'm running out of everything today. zines (all 3 issues!), envelopes of different sizes, zine flyers, stamps. money. time.


but at least running out of zines means that people are enjoying them, and that is the best thing of all.

off to return dvds to the store. alas, i have to return phantom of the opera and this makes me much too sad than i should be. haha.

{ps: thankyou so much to all you wonderful people who filled in my sexual harrassment poll & asked other people to do so too. i appreciate it much. xxx}

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


wow, it's amazing what one can find hidden in their room once they decide to start clearing through some of the junk...

x. a brand new packet of postage stamps
x. a ton of stickers & zine flyers
x. letters & cards from friends
x. my copy of mind's eye zine
x. prints i ordered from deviant art
x. photographs of old friends (and some of hayden that i'll give to you, sparkleoflife next time i see you)

and now that i've sorted through this big box of stuff i had left over from when i swapped my desk over for a bookcase in my room, i have officially decided that from now on, i will NOT collect epherema/ things that look 'interesting'/ those free postcards from random places or pamphlets or catalogues (etcetcetc) with the 'intention' of sending it to people unless i have someone very specific in mind and can send it straight away!!!. no, really. half the stuff i threw into recycling tonight was things that i "meant" to send off in packages & letters to people, that they might find interesting. but they got lost amongst the rest of the JUNK in my room, not to be found until 6 months later... oh, crazy.

my ability to collect junk amazes me. in not a very good way. how the hell did i become such a packrat? i still hesitate to throw things out once i've rediscovered them, but part of me just wants to bulldoze everything down and start again. i'd probably be just as bad though. i never learn, really.

from now on: NO MORE COLLECTING FREE STUFF. like those newspapers you can get every friday from the music stores, or interesting brochures. *nods* it's here in writing now, it's official! (haha).

although my room has a lot more space in it now (sort of) and i'm feeling rather pleased with myself for finally doing what i have been putting off for 2 months. next: i tackle the office. although perhaps not tonight. it's just as bad as my room, really, and i don't think i can handle two cleaning jobs tonight.

if anyone wants some zines, let me know. i'll make some grab bags. $ 5 maybe? some of these zines definitely deserve to be passed on, not just sitting in our home office.

i am feeling rather accomplished, really. too bad it's back to work tomorrow though.