April 28th, 2005

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finding creativity

9 days til Tori !! &goodness, it's coming up faster than i expected. i stopped still in the middle of my room this morning when i realised it was next weekend. i'm not sure why i'm so surprised when i've practically been counting down since the beginning of this mornth, but anyway. it still doesn't seem real, i guess.

tomorrow is my friend nat's birthday, and i've been so slack; i've been meaning to make her a pair of earrings for the last 2 months, and i still haven't. guess who's making jewellery tonight? also a card, and i have loads of ideas, but why do i always leave these things til the last minute? i had plenty of time to make things last weekend, but did i? of course not. i always see pretty embellishments for birthday cards and i tell myself not to buy them until i have a specific person in mind (or else i just end up buying too much stuff that goes unused & forgotten for years); but i knew nat's birthday was coming up this month. slack, slack, slack. i have to get up early tomorrow morning to make it to work before she gets here, so i can decorate her desk - balloons, confetti, streamers. i can't wait because it'll be fun to make it all festive looking; i just hope i can pull myself out of bed early enough. today i slept in until 7:15. i had my alarm set for an hour before then.

eek. busy night tonight then. i brought the crystals for the earrings weeks ago too, but it still didn't mean i did anything with them. i hope i can make something nice, i haven't made earrings for a couple of months now. i haven't been very crafty at all lately. but i've been writing a lot, so i think that's okay. as long as i'm doing something creative (and/or thought-provoking).

a penpal of mine wrote to me and said that i "can really weave magic with [your] words". i think that's about the nicest thing that has ever been said. it nearly made my cry. i wish i could believe it sometimes, but i'm trying.