April 29th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

in the jamaica inn

i got in at 7:50 this morning to decorate nat's desk; ribbons, star glitter, balloons. i found a present for her at the scrapbooking store last night, which was perfect for her, so i will make her earrings over the weekend and it won't matter as much that they're late. i spent 2 hours making the card last night but i was thrilled with the results (as un-modest as that sounds, but i was trying something new and it turned out better than i thought it would, which was rather exciting). nat loved it all; she says i should market these cards because she'd never seen anything like it before (i made a shaker card, next time i make one i'll scan it in), but how would i do such a thing? but i'm glad she liked it.

i received the dvd disc last night that i talked about in this post, a dvd disc full of tori amos shows that a girl from the tori traders forums sent to me. oh, so wonderful. i put 2 of the 2005 shows onto my ipod for today at work, and they are so fabulous. oh. i still can't believe she was so generous and sweet. i am more than happy to do b&p's for any of the shows (i'll post a list of the ones i have later?), but it's only a week until i leave for sydney, so if you don't mind waiting a few weeks for them, email me (jade@faerywinged.org) or leave a comment. snowcanwait & moonborn, i will send you some of the shows this weekend so you'll get them before the sydney show, okay?

i'm so happy it's friday. tonight i'm seeing kristy, and she's insisting we go on the hike we didn't end up going on last weekend. my dad's on his way to belgium at the moment (he was just in paris the last couple of days!), and i'm so eager to travel again. i have decided that when i get back from interstate in the middle of may, i am going to just go ahead and book my flights for my trip back overseas. if i don't commit now, perhaps i never will. i've been saying "around september" now for the past 6 months; i want to aim towards something definite.

i can't wait to listen to the rest of the tori shows on the dvd disc. *excitement* i'm going to clear all the music from my ipod and just put tori stuff on for the tori tour; it's sad to realise that my 4gig iPod really won't hold it all. haha, obsessive? nah ;)