April 30th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

would you like some tea?

haha, some loser in one of the zine communities left an anonymous message telling me my zines were boring. it made me laugh, really. like i care what someone thinks who's too cowardly to leave their name? and besides, criticism, bring it on. how else are my zines and my writing ever going to improve if people don't tell me what i'm doing wrong? comments saying that my zines are "great" are nice to hear & warm my heart, but on the flipside, how can i can make better? i need to keep improving, keep growing in my writing and developing. i need criticism, constructive feedback. tell me why my zines are boring, and then perhaps i'll listen to you. but anonymous comments = lame. own up to your words.

but anyway. last night, kristy and i had a tea party! we drank english tea and watched the importance of being earnest and ate scones & shortbread. it was delightful, and yes, i am a dork but i have no shame! i thought of some of you lovelies while we were doing it, because i knew you would have understood. we had a lovely night.

i finished reading sagiegirl's zine, hard knox last night in the car, i was about crying whilst doing so. oh. domestic violence... i got so angry, i was talking to mum about the zine last night (and now my nan is reading it) and how... oh, why does this even happen? Sage, it was a wonderful zine, so very honest, so heartbreaking. it made me so sad for all the women who just never get out. it inspired so much thought inside me, it makes me want to do somethig, but i don't know what, i don't know how. the zine is available from sweet candy distro for anyone who wants to read it.

i am so inspired to write today. dad's laptop is in the lounge room from where i was using it last night, and i have an evanescence dvd to watch that my penpal sent me, tori amos shows to listen to (i'm so excited, i just discovered a few 2002/2003 shows on my harddrive that i didn't realise i had - i've been craving more shows from the scarlets walk tour and i actually have them. oh!) i'm loading them onto a data disk and hopefully the laptop has media player or something similar i can listen to it with. plenty, plenty of wonderful music & new shows i haven't heard. perfect.

also today i need to get sparkleoflife's son a birthday present, for even though this year i have been notoriously late with birthday presents, i am determined to get this one on time, for her son turning 2. sarah, i am getting an art easel/chalkboard, so um, if anyone else mentions it to you, let them know that he's getting one? knowing my luck... i finally have a good idea for something before the actual day, and he'll get 2 ;)

so today/tomorrow:
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1 week til Tori!!! this time next week, i shall be with snowcanwait in Sydney !!!

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

we may fall & stumble

you say the word
you know i will find you
or if you need some time
i don't mind
i don't hold on to the
tail of your kite
i'm not like the girls that you’ve known
but i believe i'm worth coming home to
kiss away night
this girl only sleeps with butterflies...