May 4th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


x. i'm sorry if i seem anti-social this week. work is busy, i'm being torn into 2. stress stress stress. making sure everything is done as much as it can be before i go on holidays at the end of this week; i want to be supergirl and i want to do it all, but i can't. i'm trying my hardest though.

x. i am thinking of things to write for this meet & greet with tori amos competition (apparently the closing date for my city is may 10, so i'm not too late after all - thanks snowcanwait!) i think i am going to write about cooling; it's probably my veryvery favourite song, although i love so many of them. i'm still not sure yet (what tori song would you write about, for those of you who are fans?)

x. this is a great art journal site. it makes me want to get out mine again (if only i wasn't so tired). i've finished updating my tori scrapbook though, so it's all ready to come with me and have all the adventures of the tour recorded in it starting from THIS WEEKEND.

x. reading piece by piece (tori's book), and oh, it's so wonderful. it's much better than i expected it to be; i can hear her voice like she's speaking to her audiences. it's so interesting and so much about spirituality and how her songs are formed and it is just wonderful. i'm so glad i decided (with all of your help!) to start reading it before i went away. ♥

x. i am finishing sending out zine orders & distro orders this week; any orders received after friday won't get sent out until after may 17 as i'll be away til then (well, technically i'm back on may 14, but the next day, snowcanwait is coming to stay with me! :)). emails will be slow (probably non-existant, eep!) during then too, so um, don't be offended by my "bad business sense" lol ;) i'm trying to be conscious of staying on top of things at least with my zines. heh.

i'm really, really excited to go away. not just for tori, but for everything. time with my aussie girls (i've actually met more penpals & lj friends from overseas than i have in my own country!), big cities, flights (so exciting :D). i can't wait to have a break from things for a week as well, and just be with some great people and (hopefully!) not stress about anything.

ps: i have decided once and for all i am booking a ticket to go back to england (for a year or so?), in the first week of october.*nods* i'm looking into possibly transferring my job over to the UK (as we have several branches in the UK - all over Europe, actually, which would be handy if i spoke any of the languages). even just to start with -- working as a temp until i found something else. to go over with a job already lined up would be so perfect really. anyway, it is decided. although i still need to work out whether i'm going to get a round-the-world ticket or a one way (in case i'm gone for more than a year). hmmm.