May 14th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

don't dream it's over

i forgot to mention that the Melbourne show on Thursday night was another amazing performance by Ms. Amos (of course). highlights were her Crowded House cover of "Don't Dream It's Over", plus playing "Cloud on My Tongue" and "Silent All These Years" and oh, i can't remember what else right now (i have it written down though but i'm rushing, i only have 6 minutes of internet time left!), but the setlist was similar to the first Sydney show. i will never grow tired of watching her play that piano & organ at the same time. absolutely amazing.

i fly out of here in less than 2 hours time. my feet are killing; i've been shopping like you wouldn't believe. well, maybe it's not as bad as it appears, really. i decided to buy some Body Shop products to send to Schapelle Corby, even though i'm not entirely sure if she'll get them or if they'll be stopped by the guards at the jail or in customs. blah. i brought just a few nice "essentials" that one would be missing after 7 months of being in a Balinese jail cell - mango scented shower gel & body butter, pretty soap, lipbalm, a loofah puff. it's not much but i am going to write her a letter telling her not to give up hope and that Tori mentioned her in her concert in Brisbane, that's how farspread her situation is touching people. i brought the express post bag so i can finally mail it when i get home.

my dad is back from overseas, tonight i'll get to see him and hear of his own travels. i can't wait.

love to you all! xxx

ps: i will post what i wrote for the Tori competition next entry, when i'm not watching the seconds tick down on the computer ;) thankyou so much for your congratulations -- i will find a way to say in the card i am going to make Tori that all my livejournal friends say hello and "we love you" !!