June 11th, 2005

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Uk question...

note to self: The Train Line, National Rail and The London Underground websites will come in very handy whilst planning things for being in the UK and working in London later this year.

A question for those living in the UK: Just say I was to commute daily from say, Cambridge to London, what service would I use to do so? Would I catch a train to the outskirts of London and then the tube into the city? Rental for a room in Cambridge is around the £350 - £400 mark; for London it was anywhere from the same price upwards. Upon checking the National Rail site, a return train ticket Cambridge - London is around £26.70; surely people don't really pay that every day to travel to work! Or do people who commute into London not live as far out as Cambridge, but along the tube line somewhere?

If anyone actually understood all that and can maybe answer or offer some information, I will love you forever.


I am so terribly excited about coming over.

edit: I think I'm going to end up living in London after all, hopefully on the outskirts a bit though (only because I know that living too far into the city would just completely do my head in). Accomodation is actually fairly cheap in some places, like this room which is £59 per week. I'm so relieved to realise there is cheap accomodation in London after all, and going into the city via the tube is a LOT cheaper than the train. So um, I guess I better start realising that I'll be living in London after all, for awhile. ha.

Ohmyfuckinggod, I am incredibly, incredibly excited about all of this. But now I need sleep.